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Release of version 1.352.13.0

New Features

  • Secure Content: secure content objects can be created containing multiple, time sensitive HTML documents, that are displayed only to logged in customers who have purchased the linked product. See Digital Product Delivery - Part 2
  • On Sale Only and Not On Sale Only web copy added - In addition to the Public Web Copy (which is always visible) we have added web copy which is visible only if the Folder is on sale or not on sale. This can be used for video content which you want to restrict to certain users, instructions to log in for folders not on sale to the public but on sale to members, and other context specific instructions. Public Web Copy remains visible if you have a direct link to the folder after the folder is off sale, inactive or even archived, for SEO reasons, so On Sale Only web copy is suitable for text that you want to go away once the event has finished.
  • Folder Edit and Folder Properties pages merged into single editing page: see Folder Webcopy and Editing
  • Created new “HTML Download” delivery type, that renders an HTML document that can be linked to and viewed.
  • Prevented product user statuses that don’t start relative to purchase date from applying whilst in basket but not yet purchased
  • PDF handler means that PDF documents stored in our database can be linked to and downloaded, from web page and from email documents.
  • Added button to clear social distancing buffer items blocking a seat from being sold.


  • Folder Product Display settings are now ids rather than strings, in preparation for complete migration of UI to new Vue powered controls
  • Improved display of custom form labels
  • Improved payment search in Admin
  • Improved error message on Folders “Move to archive” button
  • Selected List Filters are remembered on the Lists page
  • Manage List Signups page now AJAXified; quantity and notes on UserListSignup can be edited.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ItemSeatProximity being inserted from layout when new products are created.
  • Fixed folder delete and archive setup routines.
  • Fixed FolderSelectionId value hanging around from previously edited lists when saving new Lists.js
  • Made spUsers_SEARCHBYROLE and SELECTDEFAULTANONYMOUS ignore inactive users.
  • Made the return value of Select Default Anonymous user matter if no anonymous users are found.
  • Item Seat Proximity insert by block UI works now.
  • Fixed deleting ListSignup and Folder Landing pages (neither work as a soft-delete, changed back to hard-delete)
  • Fix bug in Xsl Form Data lookup
  • Honour “HideProductChooseSeats” for extra information forms
  • Fixed Remote System Seating Plans
  • Fixed cancelling orders with installments that have had reminders sent

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