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Ticket Templates - event title cut-off!

Just wondering if it would be possible to alter the design of the ticket template, as any events with long titles are being cut-off?
The main part of the ticket only allows for 24 characters (inc spaces) and the ticket stub only 10.
We seems to have a lot of long titles at the moment and they are not reading well.
We are also setting up book festival tickets which will have a header, an event title and an author or event type (i.e. Tobermory Book Festival / Mull and Iona: a historical guide / Dinner with the author).
Trying to find the best way to name the event folder for the customer and having it make sense on the ticket.
Can we increase the title capacity on the template? Or have it fill 2 lines of text?


At the moment, in your ticket template, it’s a deliberate instruction to cut the show name off after 24 characters so that it doesn’t spill over onto other parts of the ticket:

But that’s not the only option.

Something that we’ve done on another template is

  1. Allow you to specify a “show name to be printed on tickets” in a custom form attached to the show:

  1. Set the font size based on the show name length, so if it’s a long name it gets a smaller font

Would either of both these approaches work for you?

Thanks, both of these would work for us.
Being able to custom create two lines for show titles will be usefull for some events like festivals.
And if the template will change the font size as the show titles increase this would be great for all events with one or two titles.

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