Ticket package or product limits?

Trying to create a ticket/product that is promted when a specific event ticket is purchased.
We are currently selling Supper & Ticket deals (as one product) for most events but would like to separate them from now. We need:
Ticket(s) for an event to be added to basket as normal
A promt to add a Supper Ticket for an additional £12
The Supper Ticket is only available when a specific event ticket is purchased
The Supper Ticket had a limited capacity
The Supper Ticket has a different on sale scheme
The Supper Tickets ideally sit in a separate folder (for admin ease) and are short-cutted to the event
An option to add a taxi space for £2 at the basket, only when a Supper Ticket has been purchased.
I’m wondering if this can be done with a package? Or by applying product limits?

That sounds like a package to me. Give us a mo and I’ll put an example together.

Thanks Ben. The Supper tickets need to go off sale the day before the event too but I can see that I can just end these on a given time/date, not by using a time related to the event (before perf. start etc.). Can’t see how to stop the Supper ticket being sold without an event ticket though.

Ok, so we have the event set up as normal, and we have a folder for the suppers. The suppers have their own on-sale rule that makes them on-sale but not browsable or searchable, so they can only be found with the package. There is a shortcut in the event folder to the relevant supper, which means that the supper inherits its performance data from the event:

There is a simple upsell package which requires one item from the “supper” selection and one from the “Events for which supper is available selection” and prompts to add the supper:

The Supper product is set to REQUIRE the supper package, and can’t be sold without it: if you remove the ticket from the basket, the supper will be removed too*:

This means that when you add the event tickets to the basket you get the upsell prompt from the package:

and if I click that, two suppers are added:

and in the checkout process, the Food preference form is displayed to pick up dietary requirements:

/ * Actually I’ve just tested this and what it does is tries to COMPLETE the package, which means that the tickets get re-added by the package when you try to delete them. Not sure if that’s right.

And then we do basically the same thing with the Taxis:



  1. The suppers and the taxis are in the same folder, so to separate them out I’ve used the Product Description filter on the Folder Selection:

  1. Normally, an item can only be in one package or another. You can’t get a 3 for 2 offer on 3 items AND expect those items to count towards “Buy 10 save 10%”. But here, the Supper needs to be in the Supper Upsell Package (so that it can be sold) AND the Taxi Upsell Package (so that the Taxi can be sold). To allow one item to be in two different packages we need to set the Package Group on the Taxi Package

so they’re allowed to overlap.

Thanks, this all looks great. May need to tweak a little. Will do and few tests and report back to the forum.
One thing - we have a set menu for the suppers. There is an info page for it on our web page- http://www.comar.co.uk/visit/cafe-suppers
We may need to be able to link to the menu at the point of prompt, so they can see the menu. Is this possible?

You should be able to enter the menu as the web copy on the supper folder…

Oh, of course, they’re not seen at the moment.

At the moment the system adds the supper automatically because it can because there’s no choice. If there was a choice of supper - e.g. “Vegetarian” and “Chicken” - which were separate products, then you’d get to see the page with the products on it. And that would sort the Taxi out too.

Oh. It’s all vegetarian. Damn. I will see if I can find a way of STOPPING the package autocompletion.

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