Things we've done

One of the things we wanted to do with the newsletter was to drip feed information about small changes and quality of life improvements that aren’t big flashy new features but just make everyone’s lives slightly easier on a day to day basis.

So there’s now a huge list of small, unimportant changes since the last newsletter that have never been announced… and here are some of them:

  • You can set the height and width of seats on the layout editor.
  • You can allow linked accounts with memberships to provide extra capacity on membership product limits.
  • You can mark folders as “locked” so that they do NOT pick up recursive changes when they’ve been made different on purpose - so if you deactivate a folder and then lock it, it won’t get activated if you activate a parent folder and its contents.
  • The “Reprint” button works better
  • We can set up rules on ticket print messages, so that ticket print jobs for one workstation can be redirected to another. This means you could have two workstations with two Chip and PIN machines sharing one ticket printer.
  • There’s a “Tidy Seat Alignment” button and a “Snap to Grid” button on the layout editor
  • The report page has been rejigged a few times and now should be clearer, work better on small screens, and now has a search.
  • You can create a new user from an email address when editing a report shortcut.
  • You can embed a javascript widget in a home page for another site to show selected performances.
  • When looking up an order you can skip to the last order you created.
  • When looking up an order, you can search by customer, and jump straight to the more relevant order for that customer
  • You can have optional contact details on delivery methods
  • Copy and pasting whole folders creates copies of things like packages, and properly update references to point to the new folders.
  • You can promote folders for upselling on the basket page without having to use upsell packages, for things like global membership pushes.
  • If you have the right sort of payment gateway, we can charge different payment fees depending on card type.
  • You can control access to the different Comp methods individually, including completely hiding methods you never want to use (e.g. “Comp Payment”…)
  • You can just paste images straight from the clipboard into the new Image page.

And I think I’ll draw a veil over features that are more than 2 years old…