Theatre Tokens

Who would like to be able to accept Theatre Tokens issued by SOLT online?

Yes, we would. Could you set up a report with the token numbers/codes and amounts for redeeming on the SOLT site?

Yes but more - I think SOLT have an API that we can call to validate them in real time, and presumably automatically redeem them against your account for you. I’m planning to integrate with it

Jamie from SOLT might hopefully reply here in a minute about how it might work…

Hi all. I’m Jamie from SOLT as Ben mentioned. The idea is to use that API call to validate in real time. So your customer buys tickets on yoru website, chooses Theatre Tokens as the payment method, enters the token code, and then the call is made to make sure there is balance to pay. All automatic. If the token has more balance than the cost of ticket then the customer still has that to use at a later date. If the token doesn’t have enough balance to pay in full, then on your site they are asked to pay the remainder by a different method. Happy to have a chat with anyone who wants to discuss in more detail!

Sounds good and easy to use. Thanks

No problem Ester. Will hopefully have further details and next steps in January.

Yh, we’d be interested as well actually.

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