Terminology: Archiving

I’ve run into a situation where the same word in English refers to two separate operations.

In Archiving Past Performances - Documentation there are two “levels” of archive:

  1. Setting the archive flag on a folder and leaving it where it is
  2. Moving that archived folder to a different location in the folder tree, probably to a folder CALLED “Archive”.

I’ve just written the code required call the scripts Peter wrote to automate (2), but I don’t know what to call it. Because there’s already an operation in the system called “Archive” and that means (1).

Right now I have a right-click menu with options “Set archive flag” and “Automatically move contents to Archive folder where Archive flag is set” which is a bit of a mouthful.

I’m thinking of renaming the current “Archive” flag to “Hide”

So then after a show is over, you first deactivate it, then you hide it, then you archive it.

Would a change of terminology there be more or less confusing than a more wordy or less natural description for the “Moving to the archive folder” operation? What other terms can I use that would be easily understood and unambiguous.

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