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Social Distancing on the seating plan - another approach

Here’s another approach to social distancing we’re working on with another client.

Here, we’re concerned with people having to climb over each other to get to the toilet, so we want each party to be able to reach an aisle without having to move past another party.

We’ve therefore blocked off a pattern of seats with allocations, and then made the remaining seats in each group all “next to” each other for booking purposes - so if someone books a single seat out of e.g. E7-E13, then ALL OF E7-E13 become unavailable to other people.

We can see in the screenshot that the left-hand session has booked seats F15 and F16, and therefore in the right-hand session F14-F19 are all unavailable, and the right hand session has booked seats E7-E10, and therefore in the left-hand session seats E7-E13 are all unavailable.

Once (if) things get back to normal, we’ll be able to use this technology for cabaret seating - so that if someone books a seat at a table it takes the whole table off sale.

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