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Skipping the basket

I am thinking about doing something so that you can configure a product as being “buy straight away skipping basket”. For example, if you were asking for donations, when someone clicks “donate”, instead of adding it to the basket and going to the basket page and waiting to press checkout, it takes you to the login page and then goes straight into the checkout flow.

This saves a click. It also makes donations seem more streamlined and less like products you’re adding to a basket.

But the problem is the basket page is where someone agrees the T&Cs.

We might have to add a T&Cs page to the checkout flow but that would add the click back in again which is pointless. I think we just live without it. The use-case I’m imagining here - donations - wouldn’t have the same ticketing T&Cs as ticket products anyway.

We would only do the skip if ALL basket items had the “skip basket” property; if you had a ticket in the basket first and then added a donation, it wouldn’t skip anything.


I think that would be very useful, especially for donations.

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