Release of version

Looks like I haven’t written any release notes for a while…

New Features

  • New and massively improved admin user interface generally
  • New and massively improved seating plan editor user interface
  • New and massively improved lists and marketing user interface
  • A new version of the Monad client is available that runs as a Windows Service. This version currently does not have an automated installed; please contact us if you would like us to set it up.
  • There is a new version of the performance calendar that performs much better when there are very large numbers (hundreds) of performances
  • Lightspeed Integration
  • Report S3 delivery - reports can now be saved directly to S3 buckets instead of emailed.


  • Rearranged edit user in Admin to hide System roles from all but Developer role
  • Improved audit logging of Active/Deactivate operations
  • Added setting to manually control the generation of the HTML Preview on report shortcuts.
  • Added setting to user status types to control how the customer alert is generated.
  • Added code to automatically deactivate packages that generate errors.
  • Reinstated allocation Pre-print UI in sales
  • Reinstated “preview” function in Admin
  • Make Exchange function try to offer the same seats in the new performance as the old one.
  • Improved Veezi integration making booking fees and transactions fees be selected automatically
  • Added “Resend Emails” button to OrderDetails page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed searching for people in Lists by product only.
  • Fixed admin folder tree caching issues on upgrade by adding a version number to the hash.
  • Fixed UI issues with the override label on folder data
  • Fixed missing add manual adjustment button on the basket for staff
  • Fixed issue completing packages when folder URLs are overridden.
  • Fixed interaction between “secure content” and the queue.
  • Fixed folder drag & drop from right hand pane to tree.
  • Fixed copy & paste error on Admin Folders
  • Fixed issue that was occasionally resetting the Payment Request during checkout.
  • Fixed credit account statement download.

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