Release of version


  • Added loader to activating/deactivating folders
  • Added Ledger Code to Order Details report
  • Added button to Copy report shortcuts.
  • Added button to revert custom version of standard report to system default.
  • Added Sort functionality to Reservation Search page
  • Added code to keep list signup names up to date and copy signup lists when copying folders
  • Added support for Allocations in Seated Performance to Update Performance Run
  • Added “DescriptionList” parameter type to reports, which reads a comma separated value list from report parameter description, and presents it as a dropdown.
  • Added Role based security to form definitions, and the abitility to manually add a form to a customer
  • Improved ChartAdvanceBookingTrends report and removed ChartWeeklyAdvanceBookingTrends report
  • Improved admin upcoming performance and calendar to use better SP that includes all performances even if offsale
  • Improved seats edit, layout edit and svg editor scrolling and position.
  • Improved the new Folder Paste to allow you to override date formats per folder & autodetects formats from source folder.
  • Made form definitions search by folder follow parent shortcuts.
  • Made SEARCHBASKETRECOMMENDATIONS return only active folders
  • Changed “workstation” terminology
  • Changed vuetify style for sliders

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed GA spItems_SEARCHAVAILABLE returning some items twice, which was causing holdGA to miscount how many items were available, and go into an infinite loop
  • Fixed seatplan keyboard event listener when editing seat text.
  • Fixed invalidating cache after activating and deactivating folders and folders with content
  • Fixed spFolders_UPDATEQUANTITIESCACHE dealing with allocations with zero tickets
  • Fixed javscript error editing onsaleschemes
  • Fixed payment reconciliation by date and ledgercode report: values were not sorted into ledger code order resulting in amounts in the wrong columns
  • Fixed Timezone Handling on FolderPaste
  • Fixed old style Discount Quantity Manual control - was setting items as “Unconfirmed” and then redirecting straight to basket which deleted unconfirmed items
  • Fixed performance folder name format when pasting folders.
  • Fixed seat plan zoom
  • Fixed problem clearing Packages from the Cache after auto-deactivating a package due to errors
  • Reenabled Context User Edit button

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