Release of version

New Features:

  • Revamped Scanner App with “Register” mode, listing all valid tickets with customer name for the current scanner location
  • New special system folders: Templates, Setup, Archive and Deleted all visible at the root of the main setup tree.
  • New “Create From Template” / “Folder Paste” function combines “create performance run” functionality to create whole shows based on a template
  • Adding new fields to Products: the field previously known as Product Description has been renamed to Product Name, and a NEW Product Description has been added.

Work In Progress:

  • There’s a whole new take on the “Order Details” page coming, with a customer centric view of “My Tickets” that includes barcodes that are displayed in a format suitable for scanning.


  • Made system behaviour when a folder contains only a single item configurable
  • Updated basket summary to follow SideBasketCheckoutBehaviour
  • Added “Recalculate Ledger Codes” and “Recalculate Tax” buttons to Product editor.
  • Made Membership Auto Renewal repeat discounts for Direct Debits as well as Standing Orders
  • Move basket recommendations out of panel in two column basket layout (it looked weird grouped together with codes, notes, etc.)
  • Admin Folder Setup pane state management enabled.
  • Updated YesPlan integration - ALWAYS import all contacts that we come across when importing a performance.
  • Made “Start of Financial Year” calculate Locale Sensitive for Australia
  • Enable manual setting of “processed” flag on Refund payments.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug adding customer notes after Mass Cancellation
  • Fixed “Select All” checkbox on comps
  • Fix required packages - Basket Products was not being recalculated.
  • Fixed invalidating cache after arranging FolderSelect
  • Fixed import tool not updating quantity after finishing import.
  • Hid deleted folders from fnFolder_GETCHILDREN
  • Fixed fnLocalizeEmbeddedString to stop it trimming the rightmost 2 characters if the string is not localized
  • Fixed spFolders_HARDDELETE
  • Fixed error adding users without Developer role
  • Block negative payments from being sent to GoCardless
  • Fixed basket edit items.

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