Release of version

New Features:

  • Discount Quantity Multiplier - Concession types can be given quantities, and booking an item of one of those types actually books multiple items. E.g. a “Family” concession type could be set to have a Quantity Multiplier of 4, and in the Sales UI it would be possible to choose one “Family” ticket, but when 1 “Family” ticket is booked, 4 actual tickets are added to the basket.

  • Show filters: various home pages have been hard-coded to display a list of all shows, with optional filters by Genre, Venue, Date, etc. We have made this previously hard-coded functionality user configurable, and made it so that any folder can have a filter on it, so that if you have e.g. events and classes and a shop on your site, each section can have its own filter and its own categories.

  • Basket Code based discount scheme value rules. Previously, only packages could be activated with a promo-code on the basket. Now, discount scheme value rules can also be activated by promo code, giving a simpler way of configuring certain types of discounts.

  • Added Title field to Folders. A dedicated “Title” field now allows you to override the HTML Title tag for pages, which was previously just the folder name. This allows you to target the Title more precisely for SEO.

  • Postcode Analysis by Show report


  • We have improved our integration with GA4 and now tracking the “Initiate Checkout”, “Add To Card”, “Remove From Card” and “View Item” Events properly.
  • Improved cache invalidation after order item cancellation
  • Improved admin folder children caching.
  • Improved Error handling on GoCardless installment payments
  • Changed Products UI to have “Status” to match Folder

Bug FIxes:

  • There was a bug that meant that validation failures were not visible when editing users in admin, so you could not save the user but it would not tell you why.
  • Made handling of the “Role” of non-existent sessions consistent; some SPs did insert a “public” role if the session didn’t exist, some didn’t
  • Fixed default date on new calendar control - when the minDate was last month, the calendar was defaulting to this month, but only loading last month, so this month was blank!
  • Made product map product name & folder matching ignore case
  • Fixed bug with users without the Public role (e.g. Promoter only) logging in and trying to edit their own data

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