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Release of version 1.376.6.0

New Features

Stripe Terminal is now an option for customer present payments
Option to move document storage to Amazon S3 instead of the database, allowing longer retention.
Single Page checkout is now available as an option
Added email integration for User Notes


Package Completion now uses Vue
New display modes use Vue including big calendar
Improved YesPlan Integration - we now pull over custom form values and create products where the capacity is set.
Changed Booking Protect integration to send data even when insurance is not purchased
Allow operators to modify basket is “no customer” is set
FolderPerformanceData now has date format template dropdown
Improved folder hiding / archiving user interface
Added UI for setting original payment id on refunds.

Bug Fixes

MOTO transactions using Stripe no longer trigger SCA / 3DS questions
UpdatePerformanceRun now copies performance properties properly.
Fix bug deleting items from edit items page
Fixed merging users with DD mandates

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