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Release of version 1.371.24.0

New Features

  • Implemented “Same Day” package scope, so that packages can be created for performances on the same day as each other but in different shows.
  • Localization - the system now supports fully bilingual operation, and has a new translation tool for updating language strings.
  • Integration with Star mPOP cash drawer & receipt printer
  • Added global settings page to control previously hidden advanced settings.


  • Added Secure Content to product copy/paste and create/update performance run
  • Filter discount by user role.
  • Added “View” option to admin folder right click menu, to open the URL in /sale

Bug Fixes

  • Fix discrepancy reported between folder quantity available and product quantity available.
  • Fixed bug affecting applying membership benefits when a membership is in the basket in Vue mode.
  • Fixed updating required packages when using create performance run on a folder with products that require packages.
  • Re-added seat text to the Vue seat tooltip
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