Monad Ticketing Forum

Release of version 1.361.3.0

New Features

  • Added “Clear sessions by IP address” to session management.
  • Added “Merge Folders By Name” function


  • Credit card form layout improved
  • Social Sharing links have been turned off by default - please ask us if you want them back on.
  • Added Privacy Policy to all themes.
  • Added Contact to Donation Declarations.
  • Improve Checkout Delivery Methods display hiding products where there is no choice.
  • Improved update performance run - allowed copying of FolderNameFormat
  • Improved Folder name format - preventing manual editing of folder name when it’s set.
  • Automatically enable and disable folder displays, based on whether they are being referenced, as a weekly job
  • Misc UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rendering Product Map when there are folders but no products.
  • Fixed bug with Grouped Performance calendar display mode
  • Fixed bug with Merchant Warrior Payments where an address part is only 1 character
  • Updated dialogs in Admin to capture ‘enter’ and ‘escape’ key presses (only where dialog is added to main form)
  • Fixed French Brothers Integration bugs
  • Fixed mysterious basket clearing bug
  • Fixed item search for secure content in admin
  • Fixed ErrorNotFound resource files
  • Genre list now only include genres which are themselves active, and contain shows or performances that are onsale
  • Custom forms list options now order by SortOrder before Name.

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