Monad Ticketing Forum

Release of version 1.360.17.0

Changes since 1.357.2.0:

New Features

  • Integration with Booking Protect
  • Added “bulk add note” function to marketing, to add a note to all the users on a List
  • Added support for Australian timezone and locale settings
  • Added support for Australian payment gateway Merchant Warrior
  • Added a large number of Vue based controls to the browsing experience, to avoid postbacks.
  • Groundwork for bilingual operation of the system laid so that language can be switched on the fly.


  • Improved YesPlan integration, allowing the import of promoter names
  • Dramatically improved “Notes” UI
  • Improved Mailchimp Integration UI
  • Removed old Mailchimp Integration
  • Changed memcached caching to make fewer calls to get the NamespaceCount.
  • Improved deactivating accounts
  • Improved delivery transform editing and testing
  • Improved Anderson Zaks payment iFrame style.
  • Improved Stripe payment style
  • Improved data import tools

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed product tree in order search
  • Fixed checking of delivery items
  • Fixed bug on new seat plan where 2 clicks were required to select seat
  • Fixed UserAssignment form in check out. next and previous were blocked by form validation on new user assignment.
  • Fixed duplicate control ids in folder browse.
  • Fixed bug configuring default payment type groups
  • Fixed copy & pasting folders resulting in a jsTree item without a valid ID for a few seconds.
  • Fixed deleting folder performance data when there’s access control data set.
  • Fixed bug with Inventory Scheme limit by User Status
  • Fixed Group Performance Calender problem.

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