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Release of version 1.357.2.0

New Features

  • New style seating plan and quantity pickers, with enhanced
  • Added “Transactions” table to group cancellation payments with cancelled items, to improve the accuracy and ease of reporting.
  • Rebuilt Mailchimp integration, allowing multiple lists, eCommerce functionality, and abandoned baskets.
  • Major but (hopefully) invisible progress on migrating all sites to “vue” based UI.
  • Added IP address to session, transaction and GDPR marketing logging.


  • Improved on-screen documentation for Import functions.
  • Improved capability of data import functions
  • Added setting to control GoCardless direct debit mandate description
  • Improved default data detection when creating performances
  • Space “default capacity” now used when creating GA products
  • Added UI for setting Donation Declaration Yes Text and No Text and Footer.
  • Automatically clear Price Scheme from cache after editing it.
  • Added text to secure content page when no content is accessible.
  • Allow and tags in secure content mce editor

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed resetting seating plan layout on product when Social Distancing rules are in place.
  • Fixed “Lists” page not showing any lists if filter is not set
  • Fixed problem switch product type to GA on new products
  • Fixed problems generating XML feed when no session exists
  • Fixed bug cancelling zero value items
  • Fixed secure content links bug when content is null
  • Fixed Paypal Express bug when there are booking fees.

Thank you Ben
Not sure I understand all that is shown on your list but it is very impressive! Looking forward to trying more on the Mailchimp integration aspect.

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