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Release of version 1.347.3.0

New Features

  • Added UI for social distancing - you can now set up social distancing on layouts using rules, tweak seats individually, and then apply them to performances.
  • Added “cancelled” audience list report, showing all audience members who have cancelled tickets for a performance
  • Added new “Order installments” report.
  • Added new controls to On Sale Scheme to allow folders to be completely hidden from users - even those with the direct link - for protecting online streams etc.


  • Order installments due before the purchase date are now automatically added to to the initial purchase price
  • Added DeliveryScheme “Requires payment by installments” filter so some delivery schemes can be set to be available ONLY IF payment is being made by installments.
  • Scheduled emails due before the purchase date are now instantly sent on order confirmation.
  • Improved integration with French Brothers
  • Yes/No values in “Folder Display Defaults” screen now easier to read.
  • Improved cache refresh triggers
  • Improved MailChimp sync where master list is calculated / dynamic
  • Improved product quantities cache clearing on activate and deactivate
  • Hide “buy” link/button if product is not on sale or sold out
  • Refunding to Redcard now immediately opens refund page in new window.
  • Improved Product Quantities to account for buffer items
  • Improved Item Status display to account for buffer items

Bug Fixes

  • Deleted folders no longer show up in folder searches.
  • Fixed bug in reservation search.
  • Fixed bug where product add one buttons for multiple discounts were displaying the same price
  • Fixed user status date search bug
  • Fixed copying product user status with update performance run.
  • Don’t diplay inactive signup lists in Sales
  • Don’t display empty () brackets if folders status is blank
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