Release of version 1.340.7.0

It’s been a while since I’ve written up any release notes. What can I say? Things have been weird.

New Features:

  • One click cancellation for all tickets sold for a product.
  • Donate account balance allows customers to donate their balance (after cancellations) with a single click.
  • Added Payment Type Groups, and the ability to restrict products so that they can only be paid for with specific payment types.
  • Added a flag to allow a product to only be paid for with a payment method that support automatic renewal (such as GoCardless)
  • Social Distancing: the system can now be configured to block out a “buffer” around booked seats to support social distancing.
  • New YesPlan data importer allows you to browse YesPlan data to pull into Monad (rather than pushing from YesPlan)
  • Marketing lists now have groups, and groups can have sort orders and before and after text when presented to the customer. Marketing lists in Admin can be filtered by group and by name.


  • Added Facebook og:image fallback, which can be configured in the theme.
  • Membership product durations can be configured more flexibly.
  • GoCardless improvements - user interface added, and now it can be configured to charge on a specific day of the month (or year)
  • Allow user statuses to be sorted.
  • Seat tooltips for booked seats can now include the customer name.
  • Marketing Permission questions can now be filtered by a Folder Selection, as well as by the promoter.
  • XSL extension function to select user donation total in last 6 months, to customise thank you emails.
  • Improved data import tool
  • Marketing permissions can be inverted so that it is “tick here to unsubscribe” rather than “tick here to subscribe”.

Bug Fixes:

  • Accessibility issues fixed.
  • Fixed error downloading some documents from user history.
  • Fixed bug where having delivery address blocked any delivery jobs.
  • Fixed Mailchimp integration problems.
  • Fixed bug in CalculateCheckoutRequiredPages when multiple delivery schemes require hardware
  • Fixed Facebook login not supplying us with an email address.

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