Release of version 1.333.19.0

New Features

  • Go Cardless Integration! We can now take direct debit payments directly with Go Cardless.
  • CardPr0 integration. We can now take credit card payments with CardPr0, which appears to be a whitelabel of Elavon’s platform.
  • Added “Show Performance Count” report - Number of performances by show folder a folder in a date range.
  • Add purge deleted button to admin settings page
  • Marketing Targets (Run Report, Mailchimp, Add User Status, Deactivate, Random Filter) can now be individually controlled with permissions.


  • Improved Data Import function and UI
  • Improved logic behind the “Continue Shopping” button to better deal with the case where there is more than one product in the folder
  • Added the facility to configure the Domain on the Analytics Consent cookie, so that if consent is granted on the main site, we can read it.
  • Check delivery method location only on delivery contact page, instead of when items added to basket. This means that if your default address is one to which items cannot be delivered, you can now add them to the basket and add a new delivery address in checkout, rather than
  • Added whatsOnContextSenstive bool theme.config setting, default to true. When true the what’s on calendar limits the what’s on result by the current folder, when false it uses the configured what’s on folder.
  • Added different seating plan status for tickets in other session’s baskets.
  • Update vue styles to inherit from parent site
  • Upgrade vue dependencies
  • Added order installment payment notifications to the user document history.
  • Call to action on some Vue display templates now displays correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed import of On Sale Scheme from remote systems.
  • Fixed User Merge bug
  • Fixed order cancellation bug where warning is created if bookings fees are refunded.
  • Fixed removing an item from the basket when other items are in packages that depend on it - it removes the whole package now instead of re-adding the item.
  • Fixed postcode analysis report
  • Fixed bug creating new allocation without Group set.

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