Release of version 1.332.1.0

New Features

  • New “masonry” theme available (see for example)
  • Added “Inventory Scanner” delivery action. This allows you to sell e.g. a membership card with a pre-printed barcode on it, and scan the value from the card into the customer’s membership record.
  • Added default Cookie Consent panel that interacts with analytics.
  • WORK IN PROGRESS - GoCardless integration for Direct Debit payments.


  • Updated project to latest version of Microsoft .NET - we are now on 4.8
  • codeREADr integration now has many configurable options initialised from database config XML.
  • Improved user importer functionality.
  • Enabled 3dsecure on RedCard payment types.
  • Improved URL handling to force URL into lowercase (important as cookie paths are case sensitive)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed remote system import of on-sale schemes.

I am now flagging this release for the “Stable” track.

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