Release of version 1.331.2.0

New Features

  • Data feed for integration with
  • In order to avoid referential integrity problems when deleting items in use, the “delete” function now moves folders to a hidden folder instead of physically removing them from the database.
  • Payment Requests can now be manually confirmed in admin - if a payment has completed in the card system but there has been an communications error transmitting the success back to Monad.
  • Adjustment Types now have a tax rate for VAT reporting purposes.
  • The Audit Trail now has a user interface
  • Raw payment data can be viewed and to some extent modified in Admin


  • Admin UI rearranged for improved usability
  • Improved remotemonad error message when password wrong
  • Improved order delivery error handling when delivery method not known
  • Add check for “does folder contain single item” to DefaultVue.aspx to avoid unncessary clicks.
  • Added user address importing / matching to reservation importer
  • Seats in different allocations are now considered “next to” each other by default. This can be changed with a folder setting.
  • MTD VAT by date report.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error in JobSchedule search.
  • Fixed Order Cancellation Credit / Refund bug
  • Fixed seating plan icon display
  • Fixed to dbo.spFolders_UPDATEQUANTITIESCACHE.StoredProcedure.sql to recursively delete unused quantities.
  • Fixed product quantities cache null value bug
  • Fixed error in search shows stored procedure
  • Fixed codeREADr upload retry error
  • Fixed codeREADr revoke user API limit problem.
  • Fixed sitemap XML escape problem.
  • Improved PDF rendering error handling

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