Release of version 1.329.1.0

New Features:

  • Allocations can now be grouped together for reporting purposes


  • Promoter-limited Marketing Permissions questions asked on the order confirmation page only ask questions about promoters in the current order. The profile contact preferences page still asks all of them.
  • Added PaymentTypeId report parameter type.
  • Added Workstation Settings for storing data such as Card machine Terminal Ids
    Improved Access Control Response Text generation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed package completion where there are two different discounts for a season package.
  • Fixed stripe error handling.
  • Fixed remote system import of products with a donation scheme.
  • Fixed XML feed session handling so it shows as public.
  • Fixed Folder Quantities cache to not flag something as free unless ALL the contents are free.
  • Fixed limited availability rounding to round down instead of up, so that a product with capacity 1 and 0 sold isn’t in the “Limited availability zone”.
  • Fixed AccessControl Extra Tokens upload
  • Fixed item delivery queue sort order

Work In Progress

  • New Sales UI based on REST API and Vue nearly ready for demo!
  • Recurring payments for Stripe
  • PaymentSense customer present integration almost there.

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