Release of version 1.325.1.0

New Features

  • Stripe Payment Intents payment integration now ready for use.
  • Access Control Scheme Extra Tokens allows you to add a static Inventory Set of tokens and / or membership codes for upload with every list of performance/location barcodes.
  • New “Sales by Channel and Location” report.
  • New “Product Stock Deliveries” report
  • Allocation Groups added for reporting purposes.


  • Improved User Merge function
  • Copying a folder now copies shortcuts to that folder.
  • Changed order of totals displayed on basket page - the package / membership saving is now below the total basket value.
  • Various modal dialogs now have more standard sizes in sales.
  • Improved membership renewals report to show amount paid for renewal.
  • Performance improvement of Product Quantities cache updating.
  • New logic to ensure overrideFolderUrlPath always has http or a preceding /
  • Improved deleting folders
  • Improved performance for editing products in Admin
  • Added UI highlighting to UserAssignment message

Bug Fixes

  • Various override labels can no longer be accidentally set to zero-length-strings or the string “null” - the actual NULL value is used instead.
  • Product Header Label override UI now works properly
  • Update performance run now skips locked folders
  • Waiting lists requiring user contact details (phone, name etc.) now work properly.
  • Postcode marketing search fixed.
  • Credit account refund UI fixed.
  • Fixed “off by 1 hour” error with early bird discounts in BST.
  • Fixed call to action on performance vue controls
  • Fixed folder quantities cache showing “not on sale” for folders with no products.
  • Fixed jquery layout bug in admin
  • Fixed bug where venue not being shown in folderExtendedName
  • Fixed bug with clashing expiring user statuses
  • Fixed custom form date field with null min and max date.

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