Release of version 1.321.6.0

New Features

  • Payment Sense payment gateway supported for both eCommerce and Customer Present transactions
  • New Stripe integration with Stripe Payment Intents to prepare for SCA legislation.
  • Added configuration option to include product prices in XML feeds.


  • When loading lists on performances in Vue mode, always load all of them instead of paging.
  • Documentation available for XML feed
  • jQuery version updated
  • Improved the logic for “Which page do we go to after an item has been added to the basket” and added a configuration option to control the setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Create statement button on Credit Account page works properly.
  • Date formatter on basket page prints 1st/2nd/3rd correctly
  • Bug fixed in AdvanceSalesReport
  • Fixed bug allowing you to select a null form id as a product user form.
  • Fixed “Exclude” user status type filer.
  • Fixed bug sending discount data to codeREADr.
  • Fixed orderDelivery page where access control token not set.
  • Fixed bug in MembershipDiscounts report where DATE datatime instead of DATETIME meant that data for the last day of the date range was not being included.
  • Fix “Continue” being available in POS payment type picker for zero price baskets.
  • Fixed spFolders_SEARCHSHOWS where there is a performance not in a show.
  • Fixed product requires package stuff.
  • Added UserDescription to spAccessControlTokens_SELECTFULL

This version has now been marked as suitable for release to the “Stable” channel and the stable version will update overnight.

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