Release of version 1.320.2.0

New Features

PaymentSense integration - we have a new integration with the PaymentSense payment gateway. Ecommerce works, Chip & PIN is in progress.

Discounts can now have colours assigned, which are used in the Access Control integration with codeREADr so that when you scan a ticket, the background colour indicates the discount.

A new manual Payment Type “PaypalHERE” has been created, to allow venues which use both PaypalHERE and PDQ machines to account for the payments separately. This payment type does NOT integrate with the hardware, you have to click the “payment complete” button.


The relative date picker (use e.g. for report parameters, with options like “This Week” and “Last Financial Year”) has new options that allow you to express dates like “From 13 months ago to 12 months ago” making it easier to do year on year comparisons.

Added an admin config file setting to control whether to show multiple icons in the folder tree, or just the most significant icon.

The seating plan editor now allows you to “nudge” seats using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The “referenced by” display on objects in Admin now stops after the first 100, because objects referenced by tens of thousands of other objects took forever to open.

The Countries table now has the 3 digit numeric country code, as well as the two letter and 3 letter codes.

The Company Name field has been added to the full text search and is displayed when a user has no first name or last name.


Several reports now handle VAT on adjustments properly.

The “Payment Reconciliation by Ledger Code” report now sorts payment types in a consistent way.


The client side caching of the Admin folder tree now resets automatically when the tree is changed, when you click “include hidden”, and when you add propertyies to a folder.

Change delivery scheme now allows you to choose delivery schemes that had a minimum number of items.

The barcode generator now retries if it is accidentally configured to create barcodes that might already exist in the database.

Setting a folder’s display mode manually now saves properly.

Address summaries no longer start with an extraneous ", "

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