Release of version 1.301.7.0

This version will be deployed to all sites on the alpha, beta and release channels overnight tonight.

New Features

Theatre Tokens integration!


Admin session timeout increased to 4 hours.
POS2 theme now has What’s on Calendar Control.
Admin UI made more consistent with Edit / Copy as New / New Buttons for objects referenced by products.
Admin UI displayed referenced items on objects so you can see what is using your price scheme.
Admin now allows you to override the control used to display a product.
The “Display Expired” option on the Membership status screen now remembers its setting.
Deactivating folders now has an “Are you sure” option that shows the names of selected folders
Deleting folders now shows the names of selected folders on the confirmation dialog.
Folder Status (Limited Availability / Sold Out) displayed to the public now calculated ONLY based on the general allocation and not other allocations which are not normally on sale to the public.

Bug Fixes:

Email to domains no longer sent.
A problem with grouping together basket items that have different prices that occasionally caused an error in checkout has been fixed.
A problem with moving seats has been fixed.
Autoreleased allocations now reset adjacent seat data.
The “Remove Promo Code” button visible to staff members again.
Order Installment notification reminder emails fixed to only send one email for the latest installment due.
A race condition in the price calculator fixed.
The remaining/used amount of gift vouchers are now displayed properly on the order page.
Edit Stock UI window sizes fixed.

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