Release of version

New Features:

“Infinite Scrolling” now available.
Reservations can be configured to have a default expiry time of “Never”
If the user has permission, and the search text is purely numeric, the search box now searches order references as well as other content and takes you straight to the order if one is found.


codeREADr integration uses fewer API calls to avoid their rate limits
Seating Plan now shows the status when you move a seat which was retrieved from a reservation
User Custom Forms now visible on the User Create screen.
Payment By Installments order notification emails now processed properly
Searchonsale now follows shortcuts
Errors in XML feed generation now logged better.

Bug Fixes:

On Sale report fixed.
GA products double check allocations before adding tickets to baskets.
Basket Search fixed when searching by folder
Reservation handling issue fixed where reservation is retrieved, and then deleted in same session
XML feed no longer fails to cache folders
InstallmentScheme_SEARCHBASKET now checks only your basket not ALL baskets
Pressing “Next” in checkout with an unsaved address now saves the address

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