Release of version

New Features:

  • Payment by installments - you can set set up installment plans, assign them to products, and the customer will only have to pay the first installment to secure their booking.
  • Advanced “Edit Basket Items” screen allows you to tweak the contents of the basket directly.
  • Voucher types now have UI to view, edit, create, delete, upload and download individual vouchers
  • Voucher types can be deleted.
  • Print receipt button added to order confirmation page (as well as basket page) for printing receipts when someone only asks you at the end.
  • Images can now have alt tags set explicitly (previously the Image Name was used)
  • Seating plan shows a small panel with details of selected seats.
  • Site Map added for search engines
  • Folder URLs can now be controlled more precisely
  • Folder Metadata and Keywords can now be set per-folder.
  • Where the User Assignment feature is in use, the text prompts and headers can be overridden.


  • Folder Properties UI rejigged to make more sense.
  • Added credit account current balance to Profile Summary
  • Ballot / Waiting List signup process improved.
  • User Status view/editing page improved.
  • Login page improved
  • Batch printing UI improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Facebook login no longer gets stuck if facebook have reset login tokens due to them getting hacked.
  • Package completion uses default allocation where possible

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