Release of version

We’ve had an unusually large number of bug fix releases in the last week stabilising changes made to the checkout process. I shan’t list all the bugs, but they mostly caused the checkout process to say “Something went wrong” after the order was confirmed. The emails would send, tickets would print, but the UI would show an error in a number of different but related ways.

In addition:

  • The system used to force visitors to use the SSL version of the site only on sensitive pages - the login page and the checkout flow and the profile. It now forces SSL for all pages.

  • Creating new user link types is marginally less fiddly.

  • User import form has a cleaner UI with better instructions.

  • If you have a number of products with the same seating plan in a package, and have selected seats for one of them and are autocompleting the package, then the same seats will be chosen if possible for all products in the package.

  • The javascript date filter now loads dates better.

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