Release of version

Server Upgrade:

I’m moving the WebServers from t2 large to t3 large. This was supposed to happen tonight, but it’s gone all complicated so I’m going to have another crack at it tomorrow.

New Features:

  • New Report UI in Admin. This is a work in progress, but the aim is to make it easier to find a report that does what you want and to make it easier to understand the differences between how different kinds of reports work.
  • A new report has been created to show customers with access status types (i.e. with special access requirements) or in selected allocations for upcoming performances. This will give you warning of any reasonable adjustments you may need to make.


  • If SSL is available (which it always is) the site will always force you into SSL mode
  • Order confirmation is now handled Asynchronously. This will help make some card integrations more reliable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Report shortcuts can be deleted when they are assigned to roles not individuals.
  • The “Lazy Loading” of images now works properly with carousels.

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