Release of version

New Features
Contact preferences can now be collected “in” the checkout process (after payment) rather than on the order confirmation screen.
Integration with Ticketer (who do travel/bus ticketing, of interest to tourist information centres etc)
New VAT report

Admin UI improved to make it more responsive, easier to use on mobile / touch devices with better dashboard reports.
Page load for browsing folders in Sales is now much faster
Images are loaded “lazily” when you scroll to them, rather than with the page.
Drupal Integration can now import images
The source XML for reservation notifications now includes more details about what the reservations are for.
Order confirmation moved into windows service allowing quicker response to credit card payment notification handlers and fewer payment timeouts.

Bug Fixes
API calls to 3rd party systems using TLS1.1 have been upgrade to 1.2
Block UI (which stops you pressing buttons twice) now no longer pops up when a form fails validation
VAT now correctly calculated on Order Adjustments

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