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New Features

This one’s very exciting, but only for me: after a long process of incrementally improving our server management scripts, last night I was able to schedule an update for 4:48am and it ran all my itself without me having to miss any sleep. The goal is to be able to declare release tracks such as “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Release” and “Stable”, and then configure different customers to be able to target different release tracks, and update to them automatically. The latest new build will be in “Alpha”, builds that don’t have anything obviously wrong with them will be “Beta”, Beta builds that work on a test site without causing errors will be promoted to “Release”, and Release builds that haven’t shown any bugs after a month will be flagged “Stable”.

Other new features for you lot:

  • Reports now have an “as at” date for their date parameters. This is so that we can build the functionality to re-run scheduled reports. If you have a scheduled report “payment reconciliation yesterday”, and you notice on Monday that the report for Friday night didn’t run, you want to re-run the report… but if the parameter is “Yesterday” and you’re running it on Monday, you get the data from Sunday, where what you want is "the data for the day that was ‘yesterday’ when the report should have run.
  • Integration with Ticketer for generating QR codes for e.g. Bus passes now works a bit better.
  • A Javascript Filter is now available, for quick filtering of shows. Ask us to add it to your theme!

  • User Statuses (e.g. memberships) can be moved from one account to another on the Edit User Status page.
  • Login with Twitter isn’t a new feature, but I’ve just put it live on a couple of sites:

Again, let us know if of interest.


  • The auto-logout on session timeout has been improved. It no longer redirects you to the “you have been logged out” page if you were on the order confirmation page or there were no tickets in your basket, so it is less intrusive.
  • There’s also now a UI in admin to set the timeout values.
  • Better control over date formats for date ranges (e.g. Show dates)
  • If User Assignment is active for a product, the discounts of basket items is shown on the User Assignment page.
  • RedCardHTML payment page has improved CSS to make it work better on mobile.

Yes that was a gratuitous Sarah Kane reference, thanks for noticing.

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