Release of version

New Features

  • Folder Item Search: there’s now a function to search for folder items (products, price schemes, etc) by name across all folders.
  • Javascript filter now available on Browse pages
  • New folder display widget: always display venue & space info.


  • Discounts should be listed in manually specified order, when set.
  • Performance Dates in basket now formatted using Theme date format
  • Delivery batch XML now contains records for other ticket owners
  • Folder shortcuts created by the archiving process are now followed by reports.

Bug Fixes

  • POS theme customer profile alert position fixed
  • POS theme menu scrolling fixed for small devices
  • Unresponsive More Info buttons fixed
  • Folder selectors for “Home” and “Menu” folders now work properly in Roles
  • WebCopyOnly folder display widget now hides Folder Name on Home Page

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