Release of version

New Features:

  • Multiple per user custom forms can be attached to products. The data is collected in the checkout flow, once per form per user, and persisted between orders. Use cases include capturing purchasers agreeing to one set of T&Cs across multiple products without having to tick the box once per product or per item.


  • Facebook sharing button now uses standard image instead of link.

Bug fixes:

  • If products with a membership (user status) are added to the basket via a package or removed from the basket via the “clear basket” function, the sessions’s profile hash is reset meaning that changes to prices and product visibility are displayed correctly.
  • Date/time pickers with no time set now return just the date instead of NULL
  • The Monad Client has additional code to handle Windows Fast User Switching when connected to the RedCard Chip&PIN service.

Also note that everyone has this version, so if you didn’t get 1.281, then now you have those changes too.

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