Release of version

This version has not been deployed to all sites yet but contains a lot of new features I want to announce. I’m upgrading now sites that directly requested features in this version. Please contact support if you would like to be upgraded sooner rather than later.

New Features:

  • PayPal and Twitter social login now supported, Facebook and Google login improved.
  • Raiser’s Edge integration… almost there. It will download Constituent Codes to a Marketing List in Monad if everything is set up right, and upload Lists to custom fields.
  • Marketing List Integrations such as MailChimp and Raiser’s Edge can now be configured with the UI
  • “Archive” renamed to “Hidden” in the UI
  • New admin folder option to move all Hidden folders into a special Archive folder.
  • New admin folder options to organise subfolders by month, year or initial.
  • An iCal feed can be generated for any folder
  • A “No Activity” filter has been added to marketing, so you can search for users who have NOT interacted with the system in any way in a particular date range.
  • Custom CSS can now be uploaded into Folders that is rendered so that Shows and Venues can have distinct styles.
  • User Link types now have a property “ConfersUserStatusBenefitsAutomatic” which means that if two users are linked the membership benefits of one are automatically applied to the other (currently there is a separate property which means that statuses can optionally be applied)


  • Inventory Set Values are checked for duplicates on import / generation
  • Merging Users now creates better log records
  • Discount Scheme Values can now be explicitly ordered, in case you want a concession type to come top of the list that is NOT the most expensive.
  • Landing Page names are trimmed before being saved to the database

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues due to changes that make Payment Type Ids case sensitive
  • Fixed error thrown when cancelling an order that was imported from another ticketing system
  • Archived (Hidden) folders can be deleted

Once I’ve caught up on support stuff, the first thing I am going to do is re-write the archiving documentation to reflect the new terminology & features. Expect it later today!

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