Release of version


  • The Admin UI has been spruced up a bit!

  • Scheduled and long running jobs (e.g. creating and updating performance runs) in Admin have a better UI now.
  • User import improved
  • Turn on browser spell check in html editors
  • Improved user assignment step of purchase so that staff can search the whole database for new unlinked users.
  • Improved checkout flow so that transactions that can’t be anonymous select a customer at checkout start instead of complaining once you get to the delivery method.
  • Added image size to image upload form.
  • Add “HasNotes” and “HasComments” to marketing searches

Bug Fixes:

  • Recursively setting On Sale schemes now stops at locked folders instead of skipping locked folders but processing their contents.
  • Fix pricekey in admin to show discount prices (only shows best price for each discount excluding userstatuses, so if there is a date based early bird discount then it will give that instead of the full price).
  • Fix ProductAddOne Buttons user control.
  • Fixed bug where a member who reentered their own membership code in the promo code box could double up their membership benefits.
  • Fixed security issue with payment process

New Features:

  • Integration with Access Card live (please call for details)
  • Integration with Raiser’s Edge is partly functional (work in progress)
  • Barcode integration with live
  • Report output spreadsheets - both scheduled emails and downloaded reports - can be password protected. This can help with (but is not required for) GDPR compliance.
  • Products can now set a display override move to control what kind of quantity picker is rendered

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