Release of version

It’s been a while since the last update - there have been some bigger changes we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

New Features

  • Reserved seats are visible on seating plan to staff (distinguishable from sold)
  • Card Type information is captured from RedCard/Web Payment Gateway transactions
  • A spike of payment integration with Fortumo Direct Carrier Billing has been added. This is not yet suitable for production.
  • Custom forms can be defined for membership statuses. You can record biographical information, membership card print status, or whatever you like.


  • Groundwork has been laid for a major rewrite of server background jobs. Anything that takes too long to run (over a minute, basically) is currently handled with a number of different systems, which we’re going to unify so that we can get a consistent view of job histories, status, success, failure, logs etc. for things like: mailchimp syncs, creating performance runs, updating performance runs, reapplying layouts, etc.
  • Sales summary with Reservations report now has an average price of ticket column along with a percentage sold
  • Excel version of seat plan exists. It’s very approximate and experimental.
  • Sales Totals By Day report improved, and Sales Totals by Week added.
  • The What’s On Calendar on the home page is now sensitive to selected dates from the what’s on filter page and stays in sync.
  • There is now a config setting to control the “Continue Browsing” control on the basket: Off, Home Page, or Lowest Common Ancestor of all basket items.
  • The image handling code can now deal with transparent PNGs
  • Basket items are grouped by product, instead of product and discount.

Bug Fixes

  • Joint membership renewals work properly! Previously, if a Joint Membership was set up as 1 transaction that buys 2 memberships (for a discount) that are applied to 2 distinct people, then on renewal both memberships were applied to the original purchaser. Now the renewal matches the original transaction.
  • Order Cancellation where there are multiple payments and a refund is requested for greater than the value of any payment not longer throws an error.
  • The Discount Quantity picker controls now list distinct concession types instead of every discount scheme value.

Known Issues: I seem to have introduced a problem with editing products. Working on it.

Problem with editing products fixed!

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This topic was automatically closed 7 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.