Release of Version

New Features:

Donation Schemes can now have multiple suggested values, rather than just one.
There is now a “Stay Logged In” option on the login form.
Marketing Interface now works on touch screen devices.


Embedded reports handle errors better now.
User Stats report on profile now has a permission associated with it.
Manual Price Discount Quantity Pickers work better for e.g. Donations with custom amounts.
Text Editors now handle HTML entities better
Returns Allocation is now a setting, set per folder, rather that being always on if an allocation with the correct name exists.
Opt-out marketing lists with Promoter filters now work correctly: you are only automatically added to the list if you have bought a product from the relevant promoter.
POS theme now hides folder text with javascript by default.
Autolinker support for Google Analytics added
Full Text search improved.
Reservation Summary Report now has a performance date parameter
The list of delivery types on the order search screen is filtered to those which have ever been used.
Don’t leave spare seat handling improved

Bug Fixes

The Email Contact Form feature works again
The Order Details page no longer throws an error when attempting to display an order that contains items sold over an API link

Thanks! I have added 3 options for donation at the basket - £2/£5/£10.

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This is what that looks like, everyone else =)

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