Release of Version

New Features

New report showing all tickets sold to members (like comps report)
New report showing suggested linked customers (NOT Duplicates - same address, different names)
New report detailing payment failures
Landing Pages can now apply custom themes
Membership overrides of renewal product and renewal payment method can be edited properly.
Customer External Ids from integrations can be seen in Sales


Seating Plan touch support improved: seats can be dragged on touch devices, zoom and pan fixed
Performance of user recommendations improved dramatically
Show Data on Folder Tiles is calculated better… somehow, I can’t remember what I was doing when I made the note that I’d made it better.
Basket “Promo Code” text can be reskinned.
Billing Address is displayed on Anderson Zaks credit card payment page
User marketing preferences screen in sales improved for staff users.

Bug Fixes

Vouchers are treated as expired if the end date is before now. Rather than after.
When cancelling an order returns items to the basket, and there is an on-page running basket, that basket is updated properly.
IsStringVersionOfDate which we use when deciding whether to print the performance date and time when a folder name is a bit date like, has been improved.
Using a performance of type “Seated” as the source for a performance run when it doesn’t have a seating plan set still throws an error… but it’s a slightly more informative error.

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