Release of Version

New Features

  • GDPR: User History shows logged marketing list changes
  • GDPR: Marketing Permissions can be linked to Promoters, so that only people who’ve bought tickets for a show with that promoter see the permission.
  • Audience Finder integration
  • Images now have a “Focal Point” for automated cropping


  • Bundling now MUCH more memory efficient. Everything is faster again.
  • UserImport can take IsActive status
  • Added expiry date to package codes
  • Old Images now deleted from the database periodically after archiving.
  • Target folders in Create Performance Run now highlighted if different from performance’s parent folder.
  • Folder deletion no longer gets stuck on Price Band Groups.

Bug Fixes:

  • Terms & Conditions checkbox interacts properly with popup
  • RedeemCode page now on sitemap
  • codeREADr integration: usernames now no longer case sensitive.
  • Gift Aid Declarations grid fixed.
  • Fix discount filter rule editing bug: If you edit a package rule with a concession filter “Only” set and THEN edit a rule with concession filter “Any”, the “Any” is changed to “Only: none”
  • Fix reservations link not showing up for public even if they have reservations
  • Choosing seats whilst completing in a package no longer forgets where you are in the package

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