Release of version

It’s been a while as there have been some bigger changes we haven’t wanted to install until we’ve been more confident they work properly, so:

New Feature
A REST API now exists for YesPlan integration

Newly created Folder Selections include the Parent Folder by default
The Address Controls in the checkout process now work on AJAX instead of Postback. This paves the way for a shorter checkout flow - for example, including all the contact detail controls on a single page instead of splitting delivery and payment contacts.
Failed Anderson Zaks refunds now give more logging.
Custom Forms can now have Images (for membership photos initially)
A payment reference and the masked card number can now be used in the order reference field of Order Lookup.

Bug Fixes
Persistent Logins work
The Help screens now have a working splitter again
Inactive or offsale shows are no longer recommended to customers

Also there was a slight maintenance overrun this morning - we normally try to get reboots and so on done by 7:00 but it’s closer to 8:00 now. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Known Issues:

A problem with the folder picker stops you from running reports with a folder parameter. This is being hotfixed, let us know if it affects you and we can update the javascript.

Changes to the address entry form have broken PCA Predict address lookup. It has been temporarily disabled on all sites whilst we work on a fix.

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