Release of version

100% discount comps now issue properly: the problem was extra logging in the payment process, and when you issue a comp no payment is created.

Help widgets now less likely to display wonky

Time pickers back to 24:00 clock

Folder performance time picker improved to display duration

Refund processed flag fixed for refunds that have gone via account

Group Performance Calendar now works with package completion fitlers

Folder Status now shows “Limited availability” for folders with less that N% availability (where N and the availability message are defined in settings)

Order / Session / Reservation searches interact with product tree in a better and more reliable way.

Description helper doesn’t suppress show data when it’s interesting.

Comp types are displayed as buttons instead of a dropdown list.

Folder trees collapse by default

When you attempt to delete a user status that has attached documents, the end date is set to yesterday instead.

PDF generation now takes advantage of core fonts and produces much smaller documents.

Moving the default price band group (whilst still not a good idea) no longer causes price band creation to crash.

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