Release of version

Our internal management scripts are being upgraded. Windsor area customers are now on a new server being managed by the new scripting process. Once everyone is migrated, it will be easier to schedule regular updates without me having to stay up all night to perform maintenance. Another goal is to allow customers to choose which upgrade track they wish to be on (beta / regular / slow) and automatically be updated to the right version for their track when it changes.

The “Redeem Code” function for package codes can now accept multiple codes and redirect automatically to the package completion wizard.

There’s a new Gift Aid report which matches the actual format required by HMRC

The “EventTicketsForInactiveFuturePerformances” report is now named “EventTicketsForInactiveProducts” and lets you specify a date range. It’s a good idea to schedule this report to be emailed to yourself on a regular basis, as otherwise if you deactive a product with sold tickets and then forget about it, you might end up with angry customers!

The What’s On view handles long date ranges better.

A variety of minor UI tweaks have been implemented, which mostly won’t make any difference unless it was you that asked for them.

Copying products with seating plans now works properly again.

Custom reports are new kept in a different place from standard reports. The system used to keep all the reports in one place, and every time a new version was installed the install script deleted all the reports and then added new ones. This meant it was really really easy for us to write a new custom report, forget to copy it off the server, and have it vanish the next time an update was run. This change should make it harder for that to happen.

Known issues: I broke the email address recogniser. New version going up now.

Known Issues: Extra logging was added to the payment mechanism, which caused a problem for Comp payments (because no payment record is created and it tries to log it). A fix is available, and will be deployed generally after more testing.