Release of version


  • Customer Service menu now includes an “Open Cash Drawer” button where appropriate
  • Barcodes generated are now 12 digits instead of 11 because the Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology requires an even number of digits.
  • Paypal Express payment reference now the payment token instead of the whole response XML
  • Stripe Payment UI improved to add “Edit” link to address to make it easier to go back and change.

Bug fixes

  • Security checks on permissions with no default rule now work properly again
  • Report shortcut parameters can be edited again
  • Folder pickers for reporting now don’t throw a wobbly when the last folder you used no longer exists
  • Seated products can be deleted again (a new table ProductSeatData which contained a copy of the layout background was preventing deletion)
  • Report names in URLs are trimmed in case you’ve added a space by accident
  • Mixing folders with Group Performance Calendars and normal performance display modes now works.
  • The order search function no longer gets stuck if you run a search, go to the end page, and then change your search so that fewer pages are returned.
  • Item description builder (the code that turns “Seat A1, Seat A2, Seat A3” into “Seats A1-3”) now correctly splits the items being built by product.
  • Adding a product that requires a package to the basket whilst there are other products in the basket now works.

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