Release of Version

It’s been a while… we’ve had some major work to do in Admin. Nothing has changed, but all the 3rd party libraries we were using were getting well out of date - enough that when we found a problem with one of them, we couldn’t install the latest version to fix a bug, because the latest version of A required the latest version of B, and C also uses B so if you upgrade B to the latest version you have to upgrade C to the latest version too, the latest version of C doesn’t work with A… etc.

Admin looks slightly different - a bit crisper, a bit cleaner I think - but should work the same way.

Apart from that:

  • We have a “Sales total by date” report for when you have timed entry slots but want a total by day (not performance or show)
  • AccessControl report by folder for downloading barcodes
  • When you update a folder on-sale-scheme and apply the changes to the contents, the changes to the contents are logged properly.
  • Date pickers now have This/Next/Last financial year as an option
  • Facebook Pixel ad tracking analytics now available
  • The Profile breadcrumbs no longer get stuck with the name of the first customer you looked at
  • The product stock level editor no longer crashes if no stock takes have ever been created for a product.
  • The Payment Detail report now shows the payment time as well as date
  • Reservations are now logged more completely
  • The “Product Limit Override” setting on the basket now takes effect immediately (it was being cached!)
  • Reports can now produce JSON and CSV output - this means we can create a report shortcut and use it as a custom data feed to external system.
  • Custom data feed report for ArenaMetrix now exists. Check them out at
  • Manual quantities can now be entered on the Seating plan view
  • The “Product requires package” function has been enchanced: a product can now be set to only be valid if you have one of several packages active.

Known Issues: A small javascript error has broken the “Copy” function on the main folder setup page (“Cut” still works). This can be fixed by tweaking a javascript file on the server in advance of the next update - contact support if the bug affects you and we will apply the patch.