Release of Version

What’s new then…

Folder Landing pages can apply themes (if you have multiple themes in use for display to the public, which one one does) and automatically add promo codes to the basket (which has always been there in the UI but which never actually did anything)

Reports shortcut security has been improved. It was theoretically possible to override saved report shortcut parameters before if you could guess the right values, now it isn’t. The report shortcut page has moved, so if you have any bookmarks for them they need to be updated - just run the report shortcut from inside Admin and then bookmark it again.

Report shortcuts now open full screen.

The Allocation filter in Discount Schemes no longer defaults to General but instead Any, so that discounts don’t suddenly not apply to allocations e.g. Wheelchair Holds.

The right click / advanced menu in Admin no longer pops off the left hand side of the screen if you have exactly the wrong screen size.

The delivery page tabs in Sales no longer jump around depending on which one was selected when you loaded the page.

SSL implementation continues.

The Blocking UI during Form Sumbission thing mentioned below is done, and active by default for all Staff (but not the public).

Payment handling has been improved so that we can log which card type was used for Stripe payments. introduced a bug creating account credits. This has now been fixed.

The server config has been updated so that WOFF2 font files are now served properly.