Release of version

What’s new since last time?

Well, seeing as you ask:

  • Basket count indicator on basket icon to show how many items currently in the basket (on sites where the theme as been configured to use it)
  • Show List display (What’s On / Search Results) tidied up where performances are not in shows
  • Capture Card Type on Stripe Payments
  • Improved InventorySet generation for selling predefined barcodes
  • Added report showing tickets sold for inactive future performances (people you need to inform about the cancellation, basically)
  • Added CompanyName column to the Users table (not doing much with it yet)
  • Rolling out HTTPS using Lets Encrypt.
  • Improved CreditAccountStatement download report so that it can also work off recent transactions not on a statement
  • Improved OutstandingAccounts report so that it can show account balances as at a certain date in the past
  • Fixed a bug reading settings that didn’t correctly choose an override in a lower folder
  • Improved editing of Discount Scheme Values
  • Installed the latest version of the code editing control (CodeMirror)
  • Rebuilt the Folder Setup report
  • Improved Membership Status editing
  • Added “Order Hard Delete” to the UI. Now, IF it is in your theme AND you have FULL ADMIN rights, you can delete a test order as if it had never existed. Please do not ask us to undelete an order you have hard deleted. We reserve the right to charge for the time it takes to do a point-in-time restore from backups.
  • Fixed problems caused by rewriting URLs to force them to be lowercase.
  • Added UI for editing report shortcut roles - you can now configure report shortcuts to email to ALL members of a role.
  • Improved discount quantity picker widgets.
  • Fixed interaction between packages and comps: comps can NEVER count towards packages now.
  • Fixed chart reports for sales by day / month.