Release of version

I’m just deploying version

Notable features include:

  • New “What’s On” display that just shows one tile per show and does not list performances, suitable for sites with smaller numbers of performances / mostly one-off shows - e.g.
  • Bug fixes to package completion
  • Simple order delivery reprint buttons
  • Improved audit trail - there’s no UI on querying it yet, and it’s not turned on by default (if you want to activate it let us know), but the data it records is now more readable
  • Revamped batch printing
  • Price band search added to product filter. You can (if it’s active) turn on a filter to say “Only show me products with at least 5 seats in price band A left”
  • Membership renewals revamp work in progress. Automated membership renewals will now result in whole orders being created.
  • I’m not sure how far to go back. The next time I announce a release I’ll know to go back through the change logs as far as this version.
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Known issue: Merging users is currently broken.

I’d added some extra audit trail logging for merging users, and there was an error constructing the log message, so it doesn’t get as far as actually doing the merge. A fixed version has been compiled and is being tested; let us know if you’d like to be upgraded sooner rather than later.