Persistent Logins

Following on from the “Members Only Presale” topic, a lot of problems caused by “If you’re a member you have to log in to see your membership benefits” (and, general usability) would be improved if, once you’d logged in, you stayed logged in.

Like Facebook: you don’t have to enter your username and password every time you go to Facebook and it would be incredibly annoying if you did, it just remembers who you are from last time.

My current plan is to enable this functionality by default for the public, and NOT for operators and admins (who will be swapping machines etc.)

Please let us know if you would like it turned off for the public or on for operators and admins on your site.

It might be quite useful for our staff to use it actually as its a bit of a pain for the session timeouts etc when you’re working on on sale stuff etc. The only staff we have who swap machines are the front desk ones who have to end their shift to print the batch at the end of every day anyway. Presumably if you log out it wont log you back in the next time you use the machine, it would only be if you closed the browser without logging out that it would remember you?

Yes, exactly. Logging out or ending shift would make it forget who you were, but closing the browser wouldn’t.

  1. But the login would be separate from the shift though. If your session timed out and then you used the site again, you’d be logged back in as yourself, but you’d have to reselect the shift, because the shift is a property of the session (and I think that’s correct, otherwise we’d lose the functionality of being able to have two shifts open at once, which would be important if one staff members were working two different tills at once)

  2. If you DON’T close the browser, and you’re logged in as a staff member, your session should not time out anyway. Operator sessions fire a keep-alive to update the session expiry time every minute or so.

I guess it would be useful for our Box Office agents.

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